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How customer find or select you service? How does a service provider differentiate itself from competitors? In today’s fast moving world, consumers are bombarded and distracted with diverse amount of information, advertising and messages. In spite of this, it is usually very difficult to find a straight, simple process consumers would like to achieve.


We connects consumers to the best in class specialists in their areas. Partner have exclusive right to own area industry which enables superior co- marketing resources. Unlimited numbers partners and regions.

We select onepartner/industry and search result is one!


The consumer finds the best services and products in one place what else is difficult or impossible to find. The service provider gets those marketing resources that he alone can never get. The business idea revolutionizes access to processed information, e.g. a tourist service that is also poorly productized. Both local people and tourists need the service. Traditional tourist information activities are old-fashioned and limited. We are updating the service with the onepartner business idea, which is also a business idea publishing method.

Co-marketing force.

Marketing is expensive. Why pay for marketing alone? Shared marketing enables superior co-marketing resources whose benefit comes directly to the partner itself.


Joint sales, multilingual sales, service office. Very effective sales especially for a tourist destination. Also can use touchscreen kiosks for example in shopping malls can also launch as tourist info.


Flyers, street AD, map, app…


Partners own magazine. People still use prints.


An adequate number of partners allows for Radio & TV advertising.

Another partner unique benefits.


Directory lists the services of
one partner / industry / area.
Result is ONE service!


Free graphic design for logo, name-card etc.


Directory include free partner website page.


Free to use real estate, common marketplace etc. portals

Multilingual one stop services.

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