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We design (over 800) and build modular buildings and prefabricated building components. Of course, all plans can be realized with any construction technology.
Apartments, hotel, house, shop house, resort, kiosk, sleeping capsule- pods...
Products are mainly applied as offices, dormitories, toilets, bathrooms, villas, houses, shelters, garages, field operations camps, gas stations and almost any type of building you can think of.
Thailand DIY (do it yourself) building cost estimate - + 5.000 thb/sqm.
Thailand own construction team - + 10.000 thb/sqm.
Cost estimate for the building start from 15.000 thb/sqm from factory.
When you want to design the building yourself, you can also order only a building an insulated exterior wall, floor or roof.
We are looking for a partner to open our own production. Contact e-mail.

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