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Thai Solicitor has been in professional practice for over 52 years. We are based in Sae Kaew, Pattaya, and Bangkok, but operate all over Thailand for clients. Over the years the firm has had a solid in cases it has handled. We have enormous numbers of clients many of whom are repeat or multi-repeat clients who are happy with our services. Since 1969 we have been helping ex-pats, foreign nationals here, as well as Thais.

Our mission statement is to provide expert and local legal advice services at an affordable price. We focus on successful results and the optimum benefits for our clients by utilizing our high professional standard, vast experience, and utmost responsibility aiming for the work's success in accordance with the client's needs. We only suggest and recommend the best possible and straightforward solutions for the client's benefit.

Our areas of practice and services are:

Civil and Criminal Litigation & Consultancy:
- Criminal Law - Fraud, Theft, Serious Assault, Drug Offences
- Criminal Negligence, Bail Bond, Money Laundering
- Civil Law - Breach of Contract, Debt Collection, Property Disputes
- Family Law - Divorce, Adoption, Child Custody
- Personal Injury, Labor Disputes, Medical Malpractice
- Intellectual Property Disputes, Trade Disputes

Marriage and Divorce
- Marriage Registration
- Drafting of Prenuptial Agreement
- Filing of Contested and Uncontested Divorce

Legal Services
- Power of Attorney
- Notary Services
- Last Will and Testament
- Translation and Legalization Services - Loan Assistant
- Visa and Work Permit Services
- Permanent Thai Residence Registration

Business Registration and Corporate Services
- Thai Company Limited Registration
- Accounting Services, Annual Balance Sheet Report Service
- Foreign Business License
- Patent - Copyright Registration
- Thai Representative Office
- Business Partnership
- Property Legal Services and Property Transaction
- Property Management Service
- Contract Legal Review
- Transfer of Title (Ownership)

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